My Favorite Blogs

Here is a link to my classroom blog. Why would kindergarteners need a classroom blog?  One word...audience.  We suddenly had an audience which included their families as well as the world. Boy, is that inspiring and very authentic.

 After viewing lifelong educator and technology expert, Marie Knee's kindergarten blog, I was inspired!  I loved the clean look of her blog and how the children were highlighted and their work displayed so beautifully.  So this past year I started taking pictures and posting them.  The students and families were excited!  If I mentioned that I was taking pictures that day for the classroom blog, my students were motivated to do their best.  The more I posted, the easier it became. I encourage teachers to jump in and get started with Blogger or Edublogs.  You will soon discover, as I did,  a huge window for your students to view themselves.   

My Favorite Blogs

My wonderful PLN's blogs:

Tech Time - Lisa Papaleo
Tomorrow Through Today - Connie Patton
Juggling Technology - Kristy Rubenstein
Latina Ed Tech Educator - Cindy Escandon
Edutech411 - Phil Ayon
Educator Talk - Adriana Castillio

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