Last year was my school district's  first year implementing Superkids Reading Curriculum  in grades K-2.  My kindies LOVED it!  The children can relate to the Superkids because some have similar interests and some are different. They each have distinct personalities which give us plenty of opportunities to compare and contrast.

Teachers can use Thinglink to make the pages in student Superkids book come to life.  Here is an example that I'm working on.
Speaking of cooking...I think the Project Based Shopping Unit below should fit perfectly with our Superkids unit, as we begin the year with our first character, Cass whose hobby is cooking. I'm a bit concerned that it might be too difficult for the kids at the beginning of the year.  What do you think?

Our school has been using ST Math for about 7 years and the children become excellent visual problem solvers as a result.  Students are expected to complete 100% of the curriculum by the end of the year.  It can be completed as class work and homework on any device.  The main character is JiJi who my kindies love!

Here is a link to our classroom blog with our JiJi believer video from the competition we entered last year.  We didn't win, but we get an A+ for LOVE!

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