Sunday, July 5, 2015


Do you ever get so overwhelmed with tasks that you just freeze? Two words...My Closet.  Often I get so overwhelmed that I just close the door and ignore it.  Since I can’t finish it in one sitting, I do nothing at all.  And then nothing gets done. And the giant mess in my closet continues its monstrous stare telling me I’m inadequate.

The same thing can happen when I consider all I want to do to improve my technology skills. I either freeze or bird-walk long enough that the limited time I have allocated is gone and my skill level is unchanged.  In a recent technology course I had from Google expert Alice Keeler, she said we should become like Ninjas on our computers and that keyboard shortcuts would help us to do just that.  Her suggestion was to weekly place a post-it note on our computer with one shortcut like command+X for cut, or command+V for paste.  Once we mastered that one, replace it with a new shortcut.

I will have to say, Alice’s advice was good.  I have become much more Ninja-like on my computer.  And guess closet, slowly but surely is overwhelming no more!  Rather than feeling as though I must accomplish everything in one sitting, I simply begin with one small space to tackle.  Once I get started, I frequently become energized and end up doing much more than I anticipated.  Leaving me feeling grateful and accomplished, able to feel overwhelmed with what truly matters. Check out this video for overwhelming inspiration!

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