Thursday, July 9, 2015

Adding Tech to Daily 5

Adding Tech to Daily 5

As a primary teacher for 23 years, I felt like I discovered a gold mine two years ago when I found Daily 5 and began to implement The Sisters strategies in my classroom.  Motivation to read exploded in my 1-2 combo class and I was finally able to meet with those guided reading groups in a way that allowed me to get home in time to still see my family before they closed their eyes at night.  If you don’t know about Daily 5, PLEASE put it #1 on your To Do list.  Just go to amazon right now and order the book!  The best opportunity is to then attend one of their conferences which was the best PD of my life...but sign up now, they fill up fast.

Integrating technology into our students learning is high on everyone’s priority list.  In my kindergarten classroom last year I was able to use technology to help my Daily 5 routine become more fluid and effective.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Use Movenote to create Wordwork practice. Students can easily access this using a QR code.
  2. Listen to Reading using Storyline Online, then reflect on that reading using Google Docs.
  3. If students don’t have a partner for Read to Someone, they can read to the video camera then watch themselves to improve their fluency and accuracy.
  4. Use an art app like Asus Artist to rainbow write words.

You can check out my classroom blog Roosevelt SuperKinders to see examples of it in action.

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