Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to be on the Cutting Edge of Education in 4 Easy Steps

I'm passionate about teaching children.  So much so that I love to talk about exciting things happening in education ALL THE TIME.   Of course, my family and friends don't get it... and why should they? But for those of us who do "get it" and want to know what's happening in our specific area of interest right now ALL OVER THE WORLD... because, guess what, there are kindergarteners all over the world!  And there are teachers doing amazing things to help them learn.  I want to know what those things are, don't you? If your answer was "yes!" and you're ready to get started, here's your To Do List:

Step 1:  Watch this interview with Connected Educator Will Kimbley.  He has been connecting with other educators for almost 10 years and is passionate about the power in growing your PLN.

Step 2:  Twitter! If you're not sure why, watch this video on Twitter for Educators.

Step 3:  Grow your Personal and Professional Learning Network.

Step 4:  If you're ready to go deeper,  read What Connected Educators Do Differently.


  1. These are great step by step ideas for getting started. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You are a great example of why it's important to take the steps to get started, Kristy!