Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hangout with Connected Educator Chris Betcher

Beacon Buddies-Connie, Lisa, Suzanne
GAFE Summit, Palo Alto
Summer - 2015
Recently, my buddies and I traveled to Palo Alto to attend an exciting GAFE (Google Apps for Educators) Summit.  My (non-techie) girlfriend expressed, "I don't know what a GAFE Summit is but is sounds really important."  And she was right!  Important, but not exclusive is what I learned because I met some of the most gracious educators there.  A highlight for me was our keynote speaker Chris Betcher (or "Betcha" in 'strailian) who came all the way from Australia to present a motivational keynote.  I was able to chat with him for a moment afterward and he agreed to do a Google Hangout on Air with me in order to learn more about becoming more connected and techie. In the Hangout he's home in Australia and I'm at the coast in California...gotta LOVE Google Hangouts on Air.  Listen in to hear "Betcha's" educational wisdom and his fabulous accent!


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